About Us

Hey there, I’m Nathan.  Pleased to meet you.

I used to live in the States, but in July of 2016 my wife and I sold our house, our cars (“our cars”…that makes it sound like we had three Ferraris, a Hummer, and a ’69 Chevelle…we didn’t), and most of our stuff, and we grabbed our 4-year-old son and hopped a flight to Paris.

We’ve been traveling ever since.

I spend my days homeschooling, writing, working on my business, training CrossFit, getting deep in the weeds of stuff I find interesting, and exploring the places we stay with my family.

You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter (@nblew), and Instagram (@nathanblew), where I post images, tips, and thoughts every day about travel, learning, discipline, and problem solving.

Or just hit me up at nathan@tryfailgrow.com with questions, comments, or suggestions.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

– Nathan, Juliann, and Braeden

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